SEO Services Alpharetta The Importance Of Claiming Your Google Place Map Page

SEO Services Alpharetta

The Importance Of Google Place Maps

Why You Need To Claim Your Google Maps Listing?

SEO Services Alpharetta Can Help You

SEO Services Alpharetta Can Help You

Important Reason #1  Just as you keep careful tabs on the content you have published on your website about your business, you need to be in control of what content Google is publishing about your business. You may discover that Google has errors or blank spots in their data about you. The way for you to correct this is to let Google know you own the business, which SEO Services Alpharetta will complete on your behalf, so that we can officially edit the content of your business listing. Claiming your listing gives you improved control over how you are being represented by Google and increases your Google Place Page listing IF completed correctly. Call us today, we can take the whole process away for just $100

Claim Your Place Page With SEO Services Alpharetta

Important Reason #2 – Just like the rest of the web, Google’s local index is plagued with spammers and crooks. Unclaimed business listings are at risk of competitive hijacking. If you haven’t claimed your business listing, malicious parties can step in and alter its content for their own benefit – not yours. This has been an acute problem in Google Maps and your best defense is to lock down your listing by claiming it. Contact SEO Services Alpharetta and we will not only claim your listing, but ensure your Google Place Page gets the maximum rating possible, dependant on the advice taken. Remember, claiming YOUR Google position, with our help, costs from as little as $100, and that lasts for LIFE!!!

Watch A 2 Minute Video by clicking below

Seo Services Alpharetta Google Places Video

Make sure you claim your Google maps position and put yourself on the map today. We here at SEO Services Alpharetta can help so contact us without delay.


Seo Services Alpharetta

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